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Tuesday 13 January 2015

Bill Hader as Vinny Vedecci: VIDEOS - 'La Rivista Della Televisione'

It does not matter what Bill Hader does - presenting an award, acting in a serious role, showing off his acting prowess to Hollywood… he will always be this hilarious nincompoop Vinny Vedecci to me.

The character created for 'Saturday Night Live' - Vinny Vedecci, the host of the fictional 'Rivista Della Televisione' - is fantastic. Inspired by the 1980s/90s format of the TV show hosts on Italian TV, and their handling of visiting American movie stars, it is as ridiculous as it is hilarious.

Watch as each and every star states they do not know Italian, and the stage director's reaction, the non-reaction of his production pasta-eating buddy… and the chain-smoking, vino-swilling 'baby' son. Just too, too good. Oh, and by the way: he is not actually speaking Italian. It's just a series of Italo-sounding words, with a few actual Italian words, and lots of arm-waving, gesticulating, chain-smoking, yelling madness. Perfect.

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