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Monday 12 January 2015

Nonna: VIDEOS - Italian/Australian Viral Video Sensation

Nonna is the real deal.

This feisty, unintentionally hilarious just-turned 88 year old stars in set of videos recorded by her 21 year old Italo-Australian (Aussie-born; Italian heritage) grandson have been uploaded onto a Facebook page which is garnering Facebook 'likes' by the minute.

Nonna hails from Sicily, Italy and now lives in Victoria, Australia, and her clever grandson has decided she should be a star… and rightfully so!

Watch as Nonna delivers her best videos, all completely authentically Nonna-certified, containing ample gesticulations and fabulous outbursts of anger as all good Nonnas do.

Described by her grandson as "The original creator of 'Italglish' - a combination of Italian / English, 88 years old and still killing it", she is doing just that… with her fantastic non-nonsense approach to life. Nonna don't give a shit… but she'll give you a backhander if you're not careful, cazzo!

Brava, Nonna!

Post by Nonna.

Post by Nonna.

Post by Nonna.

Post by Nonna.

Post by Nonna.

You can follow Nonna here on Facebook. And you can even follow Nonna on Instagram here. Nonna, you very trendy!

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