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Tuesday 4 June 2013

Cheerios: Advertising Controvery Over TV Ad

This seemingly harmless TV ad about breakfast cereal has caused somewhat of a mini furore... for embarrassinly ridiculous reasons.

Watch the ad and see if you can spot the 'controversy':

Did you pick it?

Yeah, that's right a normal looking family.

Mum, dad, child.

Oh yes...

The child is dark-skinned.

The ad - for Cheerios - features a mixed race couple and in the US, it has stirred some per-etty ugly comments.

So much so, the ad YouTube now has comments disabled on the site.

"The comments that were made in our view were not family-friendly, and that was really the trigger for us, you know, to pull them off,'' Camille Gibson, VP marketing for Cheerios maker General Mills told the US 'Today' show.

Comments referring to "Nazis and racial genocide" and destructive words like "more like single parent in the making. Black dad will dip out soon".

Yes, really.

"Ultimately we were trying to portray an American family, and there are lots of multicultural families in America today,'' Camille said. Indeed, mixed race couples make up 14 per cent of couples in the US.

What do you think of this madness?

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