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Friday 14 June 2013

Julia Gillard, Howard Sattler sacking, and misogyny in Australia

What a week it has been for hating on women in Australia.

No, really - have a look... you'll find evidence everywhere.

And frankly, it's all appalling.

The female Prime Minister of our country has intrusive, rude comments and insinuations made about her partner on radio by announcer Howard Sattler. Clip here:

And in news just in, Howard Sattler has been sacked by his radio station 6PR.

Her private body parts are ridiculed on a menu at an opposition fund raising dinner for a laugh.


Then we have the Australian Defence Force confirming there are unresolved issues with misogyny amongst its members and leaders.

Oh yes, then the Australian Socceroos coach says that “women should shut up in public”. And he jokingly says he says it to his wife. Lost in translation?

And the deeply upsetting news that serial rapist Adrian Bayley was in fact on parole, allowing him reoffend, and allowing him to assault and rape women over and over again... which then lead to the eventual raping and killing of Jill Meagher.

A very sad time in Australian society this week.

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