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Wednesday 19 June 2013

Tom Meagher 'The 7.30 Report' Interview: VIDEO

Did you watch 'The 7.30pm Report' this evening, which featured Tom Meagher being interviewed.

It was incredibly heart breaking to witness.

Click on this link for the entire interview.

Like many, I bit my lip to stifle my emotions... I knew if I started to cry tears again for this dignified young man, I would not stop. But then, reporter Louise Milligan asked Tom about the essence of his beautiful wife Jill. The tears did not stop. Here is the transcript:

LOUISE MILLIGAN: Now, just casting your mind back, before the reasons that we're here today, to Jill, if I was to meet Jill, say, two years ago, what sort of person would I have met?

TOM MEAGHER: You would've met, um, (getting emotional) ... sorry. Sorry. You woulda met the most funniest girl in the world - (getting emotional) sorry.


TOM MEAGHER: Um, excuse me. She was a - she was incredibly funny, incredibly witty. And, um, just so smart and intelligent that - um, she was the - she just brightened up any room she was in. It took ages to kind of separate my memories of her from what happened to her, you know. So it's kind of - I love to think about her, but it's often very intrusive and something will just pop into your head and, you know, it comes out of nowhere and then - so it's difficult to separate, but, you know, it's - it's worth it to try, it's worth it to remember Jill, um, so that's what I try to do. It's never - that part of it's never over until you finally see that monster gone. So, hopefully I can just cut him out of my life - of course he'll always be there, but, I don't want him there. So I want to think of Jill; I don't want to think of him.

RIP beautiful Jill. Tom and Jill's beloved family - may you have strength to face each day.

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