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Sunday 30 June 2013

Zelie Bullen: 'Love Sweat & Tears' - Book Review By Jess Daniele

Here, a guest review from an avid bookworm, Jess Daniele, on the new book by Zelie Bullen - lovingly co-written by her sister, first-time author Freda Marnie Nicholls - called 'Love Sweat & Tears'. Here's the beautiful book cover:

Says Jess:

"I have one word for Zelie Bullen’s memoir 'Love Sweat & Tears' – amazing! From the start of this inspirational story the reader is transported into the wonderful world of the true animal lover as Zelie, with the help of her sister Freda Nicholls, gives us an insight into her childhood, growing up in Australia and her forays into the movie arena which carried her across the globe.

"In her frank and honest voice, Zelie Bullen shares with the reader her difficult childhood, peppered with loss, which would have defeated many an ordinary mortal. And yet Zelie survived, with the pure and touching love for the animals lucky enough to come under her care sustaining her through many tough life experiences. And not only did she survive but went on to achieve so many wonderful successes to come to the point she is today – possibly the most successful stuntwoman in the world.

Even to a person like me who does not have much of an affinity with animals, this was an easy read. Not just because of the down-to-earth language in which she chooses to present her story, but more so because Zelie’s experiences were so many and varied that I wanted to keep reading more just to find out what wonderful adventure she would have next. She provided so much detail that I felt I was experiencing with her the western shows at Movie World; her friendship with royalty; with the the added bonus of a behind-the=scenes peek into the making of some of my favourite movies such as 'The Legend of Zorro', 'Charlotte's Web' and 'War Horse'. All of which left me with a renewed amount of respect for people like Zelie -  the trainers of the animals involved, whom I had pretty much taken for granted before reading this book  I also admit to silently cheering for her as she finally discovered true love of the human kind in her marriage to Craig Bullen and the subsequent birth of her son, the aptly named Colt.

To look back on a life such as this must feel like a great achievement – to be able to write about it is the true reward. Zelie’s strength and determination is evident in every chapter, but it is her extraordinary love for animals which is the pivotal thread running through this memoir that makes it truly worth reading."

Zelie Bullen's book'Love Sweat & Tears' is out now.

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