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Monday 17 June 2013

Nigella Lawson: Choking Photos And What We Should Learn + Charles Saatchi's Reply

I debated whether I should run a story and photo on this.

Photo: Mirror UK

Nigella Lawson being attached by her husband Charles Saatchi.

(UPDATED: Charles Saatchi has this morning defended his actions, claiming they were simply nothing more than a "playful tiff."

The art tycoon and ad agency owner was questioned by police for five hours before being released, after he had earlier insisted he did not hurt the famed TV chef when he lunged, despite pictures showed her looking distressed, weeping and in pain, The Daily Mirror newspaper reports.
The 70 year old says he did it simply to “emphasise my point” during an argument.)
Aren't I adding to the invasion of privacy?
And then I could not quell that feeling. That feeling of being horrified that apparently, while these photos were being snapped (and they were dining, outside, in a crowded restaurant) nobody came to their aid. Nobody told Nigella's husband to stop. Nobody warned him that police were being called, that he had been found out. That was he was doing is against the law.
Should we not learn from this that someone, anyone should step in to help in a dire situation? I don't mean put your own safety at risk... I mean speaking up and shaming the abuser.
The whole thing is truly upsetting. If an abuser can do this in public, imagine what he does behind closed doors.
The photos are all here.

What are your thoughts?

In news just in, Nigella has been snapped leaving the marital home with suitcases. More here.

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