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Tuesday 11 August 2015

Bill Rancic Love Letter to Giuliana: ''My Wife Is the Definition of the American Dream''

This is so, SO beautiful.

To celebrate his wife Giuliana Rancic's last day at her role as co-anchor of E! News, Bill Rancic penned a beautiful love letter to his wife. Gosh, what a guy!

Bill and Giuliana Rancic: Getty Images
The couple, who have been married for several years, have chronicled their life on the reality TV show 'Giuliana & Bill', and subsequently have been very open about their struggles with fertility (they have since had a beautiful son Duke, who is now age 2), are the modern day version of a loved up and very successful couple, who always have each others' back.

He says in the letter:
"People don't give Giuliana enough credit, she's got a master's degree in journalism, she's brilliant and just gets it," the doting hubby writes in the post titled "Giuliana: Why I'm So Proud." "The rest is history. From that point on, she took control and turned things around. That's what the greats do. They don't hesitate, they just know, it's incredible." 

Under the heading, 'The Real Giuliana', he says:

A month after we started dating, I was hooked. I got her to come to Chicago and we took a motorcycle ride, but got caught in the rain 30 miles from my house. We were soaking wet, it was an absolute downpour. We parked in some strip mall and I said, “Let’s go in and let’s buy some towels.” She goes, “No, let’s just borrow them.”
We dried off in the store and put the towels back. I understand I’ll probably be getting a bill from Crate & Barrel after telling that story, but it’ll be worth every penny and more, even with interest. I think anyone reading this who’s in love can relate that it was just a moment that was so romantic, funny, and most of all, real!
I said to myself, “Damn, she’s frugal too, a woman after my own heart!” It’s the kind of story that you only see in movies, but I’m telling you, I thought right then and there, “I’m in love.”
Looking back, it was only a special moment because it was with her. That’s love, the person makes the moment, not the other way around.
Giuliana, 40, and her entrepreneur husband Bill, 44 (he won the very first 'The Apprentice' on US TV), also received praise from her husband on how she has used her public platform and her personal struggles to help others. That, she has done. Read more about that here.

Read the rest of the letter here.

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