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Tuesday 4 August 2015

RACGP campaign - 'The good GP never stops learning' Full VIDEO

"Do you want the good news or the bad news?"

Well, that's not really how a doctor delivers it, but I DO know that the doctor's office is the place where dreams are delivered, and nightmares start.

My experience of doctors so far, in relation to the care of my late mother, have been fraught with tears and bad news. Sometimes exceptional, life changing, life saving news, but often the bad stuff.

In various incarnations (by phone, in an ultrasound place, at a geriatrician's office, at a medical centre, in a hospital) I have been told these bits of life altering news:

- you're pregnant!

- there's a heartbeat!

- are you ready for the next bit of news: you're having twins!

- you did so well today - you delivered twins!

- your mother has, at best, three weeks to live

- you have post natal depression

- you have to see someone

- the blood test results are good - your mother has turned a corner

- your son has autism

- your father in law has died

- I am sorry, it's terminal

- you should probably call a priest

- you should probably see someone for help

And so, seeing this new ad on Australian TV made me cry.

You may have seen shorter versions of it, and here is the whole 120 second spot.

Called "RACGP campaign - The good GP never stops learning", it's emotional and lovely and true, and it's a journey well all through, at some stage or another in life:

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