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Monday 10 August 2015

'The Bachelor' Sam Wood Met Woman On Show Last Year

I didn't know how to title this blog post: do I say: Sam Wood 'hooked' up with a woman on the show prior? Do I use the word 'contestant'? Do I say they 'pashed'? Because, I guess, all of the above is true. It's just an unusual headline to conjure up.

Woman's Day revealed on Monday that this pair have already 'hooked up' before the show during a trip to Indonesia last August.

A friend of Bec Chin's told the publication that they have shared a romantic kiss on a clifftop at Spanish restaurant, El Kabron, in Bali.

Very specific - we definitely believe it

So, the reality of the reality show is that it IS true: they were both in Bali at the time, and she has the Insty snaps to prove it (see below). Well, not of the pash, but certainly of her time there, when Sam was also there.

The pair shared a romantic kiss seven months before filming reality show... but he claims he doesn't remember her. Ouchies. That happens, though, right? C'mon - we've all had a pash and dash in our 20s, no?

Via The Daily Mail.

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