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Friday 21 August 2015

Stephanie Rainey - 'Please Don't Go': VIDEO

This video will very likely make you cry.

Published on 17 Aug 2015, it is already going viral, Irish singer Stephanie Rainey has released this video for her single, 'Please Don't Go'.

The video sees people share how loved ones died and messages they'd share. See, told you you'd cry.

  • It has already received 1.5m views in just 24 hours when it was posted on Facebook.

  • Says the YouTube blurb:

  • For the past few months I’ve been working on a video for my track ‘Please Don’t Go’ that I am so honoured to share with you all. It’s hard to put into words what this video means to me and how grateful I am to the people who took part - it wasn’t easy. A few years ago, I lost my nephew very suddenly and it was something that changed my life forever. I can still remember how it felt and I know there are so many other people who have gone through the same thing in one form or another.
    I feel like this song has resonated the most with me since writing it. I remember the exact place it came from and it never loses its meaning no matter how many times I play it. Since then, I’ve wanted to create a music video that reflects this and which could potentially help people who are struggling with loss while also giving people a chance to tell their story.
    To John, Dylan, Donna, Cian, Moira, Gary, Teresa, Kate and Tony, I will never be able to thank you enough for your honesty and willingness to share what you did, it takes tremendous courage and I have so much respect for you all. To Kate O' Hara, Miki Barlok, Gary Keane and Kevin Herlihy - all the time and effort you've put into this has brought it to life.

    Also a very special thank you to Sarah Power for her incredible piano and production work and Gary Keane for his vocal and production work. This track would be nothing without ye and making the EP was best experience of my life. You guys are magic.

    I hope that whoever watches this gets something from it.

    All my love, Steph x

    Producer: Kate O Hara
    Camera: Miki Barlok
    Audio: Gary Keane
    Editing: Kevin Herlihy

    Piano/Backing Vocals/Production: Sarah Power
    Backing Vocals/Production: Gary Keane

    Here is the video:

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