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Thursday 13 August 2015

I Love Yoga Jeans: Comfiest Jeans Ever

It's not often I'm obsessed with a new piece of clothing, and especially not denim jeans because frankly, I have a whole lotta Italian booty going on and it's often (always) hard to find a good fit, but this… well, this brand has definitely made me fall in love with the iconic blue jeans all over again.

Okay, before I give you my verdict (okay, I will tell you straight up - these are the comfiest, most flattering jeans ever, EVER) watch this really beautiful video on the brand, which is Canadian born and bred, and has all sortsa wonderfully ethical things about it going on, that will make you love it even more:

Look at these equally gorgeous images:

And another video, explaining the concept behind the brand:

And now, more about the brand.

I Love Yoga Jeans was created to bring an incredible brand of denim to the Australian market. They are an online store and distributor of Second Clothing Yoga Jeans.
So, how were Yoga Jeans born?

Co-founder Eric Wazana's passion for denim was sparked when he was a kid - a kid who refused to accept the status quo. As teenager, every year before school started his mother would buy him a new pair of jeans. Eric would immediately start beating them up against the sidewalk, roughing them with sandpaper, making little tears with scraps of Coca-Cola cans to age them. They weren’t right until they were comfortable and vintage-looking. WAY ahead of his time Eric was!

From these early experiments in distressing emerged Eric’s love for denim and the idea to create a company of his own. His enthusiasm soon spread to his little brother Jacob and before long the two Wazana brothers set out to create the most comfortable jeans in the world. (Ah, yep - they really, truly are).
Their goal?

After studying women’s natural curves and body movements, they deconstructed traditional denim patterns and fabrics and remade them as a new pair of jeans so comfortable and flexible that a woman could actually practice yoga in them. That’s how Yoga Jeans were born.

It's not that you're meant to practice yoga in your Yoga Jeans but the mere fact that you can means that you can do everything you want in them.

Confession time: I don't 'do' yoga. Do I wanna in these? Yah, maybe! Can I strut around like I own the place? Yep, definitely.

I noticed that by day two-three of my jeans road test, my new I Love Yoga Jeans (this is the style I chose), started to mould to my body and the fit was now uniquely mine.

Look at my new babies:

And now, a little bit about Karen, the Canadian-born, now Aussie-residing woman who has brought the Yoga Jeans to Australia:

In her own words:

I moved to Australia back in 2001 and since then people have been asking me what I miss most about Canada. Apart from the obvious "family and friends" answer the one thing I realized I was purchasing every time I visited was a new pair of Yoga Jeans. A designer by trade I appreciated what Second Clothing had created. They don't just feel great, they look great and I wanted to share the love. 
Continues Karen:

Feel good purchase
While most fashion goods are produced in China, East Asia and South America, the Wazana brothers believe strongly in local production and social conscience. All of their denim is 100% handcrafted at the Yoga Jeans Production Facility in Quebec, Canada. That means your beautiful jeans are sweatshop free.
Our head office is located in Bondi Beach, Australia. Our online store was launched in September of 2014 to guarantee that Yoga Jeans were available nationally so that all Australian women could experience the wonder that are Yoga Jeans.

Want to buy? You can click right here.

And in really lovely news for the brand, Jeans for Genes have partnered with them to help raise money to help cure childhood diseases.

The very excellent I Love Yoga Jeans brand is giving $20.15 for every piece they sell online during the month of August. So, if you want 'em, grab a pair right now.

Here are some more wonderful pics on the brand. Get into them. My love affair with the I Love Yoga Jeans has just begun. Pop on a pair and you will be enamoured also.

Follow them on Facebook here.

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