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Tuesday 25 August 2015

Celine Dion's husband René hopes to 'die in my arms' - VIDEO

How can you not love Celine Dion?

Her honesty has always been her strong point, willingly sharing so many aspects of her life.

This one, her husband René Angélil's ongoing health battle, is no exception.

Fans know their story: Celine met René for the first time when she was age 12. He later became her manager and, in 1994, her husband.
René was diagnosed with throat cancer two years ago, and lives at the family's Las Vegas home. He has been fed intravenously for two years, Dion says.
She says, what gets her through is saying simply to the person she loves: "I got you."

When you care for someone, yep... that's what you gotta do.

She is SO accurate in her assessment of the hard times.

Watch as Celine Dion, 47, tells USA TODAY’s Marco della Cava about her husband, 73 year old husband René Angélil’s battle with cancer. After a year hiatus, Celine returns to her residency at Caesars Palace August 27:

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