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Monday 25 October 2010

The evolution of Supre - new store opens this Thursday at Westfield Pitt St Sydney

Supre and I - we go way back.

When I was in my first year of uni in - cough - 1990, it was THE destination for basics, trackie dacks, and cotton separates. I often wore cute stripey Supre tops with my so-in Levis 501s and Doc Martens. Sometimes I wore entire Supre get-ups like my white and black tracksuit. It was tres chic. Or more accurately, the real beginnings of cheap chic.

My uni mate Rochelle and I then discovered the huge Supre factory outlet at Marrickville. And did we stock up. "Five bucks!" we'd exclaim, amidst the circular racks. "Three for ten bucks!" Cool, we'll grab six!

I have only just seen there is a new Supre factory outlet right near my place now. Of course, I am so going. I will have to wait until Rochelle gives birth to her third child tomorrow (seriously) and I can get time away from my rambunctious almost-three twins. Times have changed from those carefree, not a care in the world days.

They've changed for the brand, too.

Going from a tad-daggy to ahead of the high street, they now offer catwalk interpretations super-quick.

Their new collection shows their strength in designer-style pieces; I really want those cool-shade-of-brown drawstring slouchy pants.

When they opened their Sydney flagship store in the iconic old Gowings site - on the corner of George Street and Market Street - a few years ago, I was pretty chuffed.

And now, whoa! Their newest, monster project is the Supre store at the brand-spanking new Westfield Sydney complex, which opens this Thursday October 28.

Insiders tell me it is decked out in an 'urban landscape' theme. Think skate ramp, playhouse, climbing frame and floor-lit stepping stones! Add giant media columns, flashing the latest looks to be inspired by, and it'll soon be a fashion-savvy / thrifty girl's numero uno shopping destination.

Constantly replenished stock means those wanting a consistent fashion fix will be satisfied.

Let me at it! Supre: in the words of me-back-at-uni-as-an-18-year-old... you're the best.

See: www.supre.com.au


  1. I wonder if their makeover has much to do with that other runway-inspired highstreet genius that is Zara?

  2. You are so funny girl I love the 80s, i think you will defo look good in there new rang.

    Woohoo Rochelle is having the bubs today how exciting for all of us!!

    I can't wait for Supre's new rang, I like some of ICE stuff at the moment they have made a come back. Some is nice some is OMG what were you thinking sort of stuff lol