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Wednesday 6 October 2010

Lauren Conrad's book 'Style' released today.

Lauren Conrad - one of the plethora of beauties who made a name for themselves by simply being in the MTV reality show The Hills, has released a new style guide.

The TV star, also a fashion designer and New York Times bestselling author, tells of her absolute fashion must-haves.

I am always a sucker for star style guides. I may not buy them all (just how many style bibles does one need?), but they always pique my interest. Victoria Beckham's book from some years ago - 'That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between,' for example. We all know that these days, every celeb has their own stylist. Best and worst dressed lists are getting harder to compile when you have starlets styled to within an inch of their glossy lives.

Lauren's book - simply called 'Style' - is filled with her favourite looks, beauty advice and info on how to travel in style.

With colour photos of Lauren and her recommended 'fun and flirty' outfits, it's for LC fans, The Hills fans, and those who like a little LA-style on their coffee table.

$29.99 and on sale now.

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