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Monday 4 October 2010

Katie Holmes - styles it up for US Marie Claire

Katie Holmes's new spread in the October 2010 edition of US Marie Claire is so beautifully styled. Love the hints of on-trend khaki against softer nude shades. Plus, she can deffo rock a corset.

Mrs Tom Cruise reveals that despite the hectic schedules she and hubby have, they've never spent more than a week-and-a-half without seeing each other.

And at this point they have no plans to have more children. "Maybe in a couple of years, but right now I want to make sure I'm really there for Suri. I'm the youngest in my family — my closest sister is five years older than me, and the next one is nine years ahead of me, so I was a bit of an only child, and I liked it! I liked having all of my mom's attention, and sometimes I think I still do."

When asked what part of her upbringing she hopes to pass along to Suri, who often comes to work with her mother and is homeschooled, she says:

"We travel a lot, and so for me, it's keeping a daily schedule for Suri that never changes," Holmes tells me. "We wake up, and we do the same thing. She does her chores. I think it's very important. If she doesn't get her chores done, I notice she's not really herself. She has to make her bed, she has to take her dishes to the sink, she has to put her clothes in the laundry — you know, that basic stuff. I try to do what my mom did for me ... just spending time with her, making doll clothes and planting in the garden ... When Suri comes to the set, we have art projects, and I just try to keep her busy and inspired."

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