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Tuesday 12 October 2010

Napoleon Perdis - advertising genius

I'll talk about the just-released Napoleon Perdis foundation and concealor in a tick, but first, behold the new advertising campaign.

To you, it may look like another beauty ad (perhaps this small-ish image reproduction does not do it justice) but for me, I saw advertisement perfection. A beautiful model, a flawless face, perfectly-hued cascading blonde locks, and the centrepiece, those so-nerdy-they're-cool glasses.


It just works, and I've noticed the ads for each new Napoleon Perdis product just get better and better. The creative team behind the ads nail it every time.

Now, onto the new release NP products.

The ad is tagged with the question, "What's your MQ?"

That is, your 'makeup intelligence.'

Napoleon Perdis has released a new foundation called 'Sheer Genius' and a new 'Mighty Concealer' pen and it is just divine.

I had a play with both products today and I am thrilled with the consistency (light, feathery feel on application) and coverage (that made up but not made up look which I love) of the Sheer Genius foundation. Whipping out the 'Mighty Concealer' tomorrow... these late night work projects have me staying up stupid hours; I reckon this baby will well and truly do the trick.

Now for the PR-ey stuff.

The advanced technology in both formulas works on two levels, illuminating the complexion while restoring youth and reviving stressed-out skin with powerful anti-aging ingredients. An exclusive brightening complex reflects light for a soft-focus effect, evening out your skin tone, obscuring imperfections and imbuing the complexion with a radiant glow. Both boast a blend of exclusive ingredients to help to retain skin moisture and prevent the visible signs of aging.

Additionally, an SPF 22 (whoa!) in Sheer Genius helps keep skin protected from the harmful effects of the sun. “We’ve worked hard to create these two singular products that are tantamount to beauty lifesavers for busy lives,” adds Perdis.

Sheer Genius Foundation is $69.

The Mighty Concealer Pen is $35 and according to Napoleon, “A flawless complexion is just a click away."

This magic pen camouflages fine lines, dark circles and blemishes. Infused with advanced Hydrogel technology, the easy-to-use pen delivers a smooth, long-lasting finish and a radiant complexion in just a few strokes.

Purchase the Sheer Genius foundation and receive a free gold engraved retractable foundation brush (value: $80). While stocks last.

Napoleon Perdis prestige products are available at Napoleon Perdis Concept Stores, David Jones and over 650 pharmacies and salons throughout Australia.

Australian stockist enquiries: 1800 814 572 or see http://www.napoleonperdis.com/


  1. Hey I really enjoyed your article. It was really informative. I just want to add that Sheer Geniuis has an Spf of 22 rather than 15 which is what you stated. Thanks

  2. Thanks so much, anonymous! Will change that - that is one mighty high SPF - wowser!