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Wednesday 13 October 2010

The Pocket Shoe - a handbag essential

Every single time I go out, I squish a pair of ballet flats in my handbag. I hate doing that because they're not meant to be squished. Or, I put a pair of flatties in my car if they don't fit in my bag (which kinda defeats the purpose: by the time I am driving home, I don't need them anymore).

So, I love, love these little gems: the 'Pocket Shoe'.

Available in black, folding up in its own pouch (and coming in the cutest box when you order online) plus, they're under $40 bucks, it's a brilliant, almost essential buy for this season's party and racing season (please girls, DON'T take your high heels after a day at the races, no matter how sore your feet: it screams "I am a bogan").

Buy a pair of these babies and you're set.

See: www.pocketshoe.com.au

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