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Tuesday 5 October 2010

Bespoke thongs. Yes.

Made to measure thongs are here.

The launch of My-Vale brings the opp to create custom-made sandals to fit individual feet. So, you can combine the comfort and therapeutic benefits of an orthotic shoe, with the fashionability of a pair of thongs. Noice.

When an order is placed online through www.my-vale.com.au you are guaranteed that your My-Vales will be exclusively handmade in Australia by a team of experienced craftsman including orthopaedic specialists, and shaped according to your foot. Bonus: order them and receive them within 14 days.

The idea for this creation was born on Curl Curl Beach near Sydney when footwear specialist Markus Schott decided to combine the Australian way of life with his family’s long-standing tradition of orthopaedic shoemaking. My-Vale has already been a great success in Germany, and seeing as we're a thong-obsessed nation, My-Vale are confident they will be just as popular here in Oz.

There are myriad of patterns and colours to choose from: 45 styles available for women and 30 for men, ranging from basic black or white thongs, coloured leather straps, leather floral decorations and even Swarovski-stones. No two pairs are the same.

Markus Schott inventor of My-Vale said: “We know that a pair of thongs is a staple in the Australian wardrobe which is why we thought Australia was the perfect place to launch My-Vale after our great success in Germany. Plus, Australia is where the whole idea was born. With My-Vale it really is all about you as an individual. It’s comfort, protection and support for your feet combined with your ultimate style.”

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Select what design you want and place your order online through www.my-vale.com.au
2. In the mail you will receive your Vale footprint box where you simply sink each foot into the shapeable foam provided to create your distinctive foot impression.
3. Place a pencil or pen point between your big toe and second toe to make a mark.
4. Then send the footprint box back to My-Vale free of charge.
5. When the box arrives at the My-Vale production site, they will get to work on your sandal right away. A custom built 3D scanner is used to scan your foot’s individual landscape (your Vale). This Vale is then cut out and your sandal is put together according to the model that you chose when you ordered. Each pair takes around three hours of work and involves 25 different steps.
6. In a short time (roughly two weeks), you’ll receive your custom-made My-Vales.

Visit www.my-vale.com.au to order your pair. Prices start from $189

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