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Sunday 3 October 2010

Katy Perry - too raunchy for kiddies?

Yes, I know this story is over a week old, but after I saw my comedic hero Chelsea Handler (from E!'s Chelsea Lately) give it a big serve, I thought I'd add my take.

Singer Katy Perry had specially made a clip for Sesame Street featuring Elmo, in which she sings re-written lyrics from her hit song Hot 'n' Cold.

There were complaints from some parents that the outfit worn by Perry was too revealing. That'd be the yellow get-up she's wearing with the veil.

As a result, the clip - scheduled for broadcast on New Year's Eve - has been scrapped.

In the wise words of Chelsea Handler: "I am outraged. That anyone is outraged.

The clip has already been uploaded on YouTube and at time of writing, had received over five million hits.

One parent - cited by gossip site TMZ - said: "You can practically see her tits. That’s wonderful children’s programming".

I have heard many a cheeky dad confess that the only reason they'd watch Hi-5 (back in the day when Kathleen, Charli, and Kellie were the originals) with their kids was to have a bit of a perve on the pretty girls. True.

I don't see what the fuss is about. Sure, Katy coulda worn a polo neck, but I don't know where she can hide those puppies. It's hard to camouflage D-cups. I think repressed adults are the real problem here. And I think the producers - and wardrobe department - are having a good ol' laugh at Perry's expense. What, they didn't notice the bouncy boobs before the final edit?

A few days after the clip was pulled, Katy Perry got her 'revenge' on Elmo.

She filmed a comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live for the SNL mock chat show Bronx Beat as librarian Maureen, dressed in a skin-tight Elmo T-shirt, cut open to reveal the same cleavage which offended some people.

In her poke at producers of the original Elmo clip, 'Maureen' had been told by staff to wear "looser-fitting clothing" to work around children.

Bouncing up and down on the Bronx Beat couch, buxom Perry was comforted by hosts Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, who told her "boobs feed babies, alright."

"I see CSI last night and there's a dead guy with worm in his eye and we can't watch the top of boobs?" Rudolph added. "So dumb, America."

Of course, Perry took to Twitter to express her surprise at being axed from Sesame Street. And her fiance Russell Brand also used the social networking site to poke fun about the move.

"Sesame Street will NOT be brought to you by the number 34 or the letter D," he wrote before asking Perry: "Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sex-with-me Street?"

You can see the clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHROHJlU_Ng

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