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Thursday 14 October 2010

Guest blogger: George Cupac, from men's grooming product line, 'Mr.'

I am a HUGE fan of men's grooming products and have always enjoyed introducing my other half to new products, tips, tricks and anything remotely metrosexual.

I love giving facials to hubby when he lets me. Don't snigger. Blokes love it. Try it and see. They become putty in your hands, girls. What's not to love about that?

So I was thrilled to discover a new line I can't wait to test on hubby called 'Mr.'

And I am doubly excited that the man behind the brand - George Cupac - has chosen Josie's Juice for his guest blog posts.

Mr. - it’s all in the name!

Hi there,

I’m feeling chuffed that Josie and I will be collaborating and sharing ideas. She’s got a great blog happening and blogs, as we all know, are the way forward! They are such a great platform to discuss ideas and, in my case, arm you with professional grooming secrets for the men in your lives.

A little about my story.... I am the founder of Mr., you can check us out here – http://www.mressesntials.com/

I launched my product range almost two years ago now and it was also two years in the making so there is a whole lot of blood sweat and tears in each product, metaphorically speaking of course!

I recognised a huge gap in the market, I noticed there was no full skin care range that had been exclusively designed for men. Women’s brands were re-packaging products and labelling them as mens, they never sought to understand the requirements of men.

Essentially, I am my own market. My products are made derived from natural Australian plants and rises to the demands of life down-under.

Enough about my story, though, let’s move on to you guys! Did you know that most men only take grooming advice from the women in their lives? Be it your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband it’s you ladies who have the biggest impact!

So.... my advice to you is to try and get them investing in a basic skin care regime to begin with and slowly introduce them to more products once they feel comfortable with using products.
Most men shave, so why not throw-in one more step before and one after.

• Step 1. Apply facial cleanser to clean the face and prepare the skin for shaving.

• Step 2. Apply the Foamless Shaving Cream and shave using a razor as per usual. Avoid using budget and soap based shave creams.

• Step3. Rinse or wipe-off excess and finish the process by evenly applying an after shave splash to close-up the pores and protect them from bacterial infection, followed by the application of a moisturiser.

Look out for regular Mr. posts on Josie's Juice, including an upcoming post on the product range. Don't be shy, share the social network love by sharing this link, especially to men who you think may need it...

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