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Thursday 14 October 2010

Mulberry for Target - onsale now in the US (or on eBay)

Mulberry has created a budget-friendly accessory line for Target in the US.
The British accessories brand is offering five handbag styles ranging from evergreen satchel-style, the crossbody, and the classic tote bag. Founded in 1971 in Somerset, England, Mulberry is renowned for classic shapes, distinctive lock, and heart-shaped tag.

According to creative director Emma Hill on the Target StyleBoutique blog, these bags "represent our Mulberry style and character that channeled our funky, English cool."

You can nab a Mulberry bag fix for as little as US $14.99 and they feature what Hill explains as "the general spirit of Mulberry in all the bags by utilizing our own existing iconic shapes."

The bags come in five prints and textures: black pebble, black patent, black quilted velvet, denim and pink leopard patent print, the latter reminiscent of the brand’s Plum Loopy leopard patent leather print, whose Bayswater satchel retails for $1,250. This one? Cheap!

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