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Saturday 23 October 2010

Lady Gaga in SUKCES.

SUKCES (which translates to "Success") is an award-winning Polish magazine. Lady Gaga is featured on the cover of their November 2010 issue.

I love reading the Google translation of international feature stories. It's always very cute and something - well, lots - is always lost in translation.

For example: "After the soul diva's time for her. For some, the new superstar is junk, others consider it a phenomenon. Behind the screen, hiding his face poharatanÄ… famous by the show-business. No longer be controlled, it is still lonely and do not trust anyone - even a glass of water standing in the dressing room. Who is Lady Gaga?"

Google invites readers to 'contribute to a better translation'. But why would you, when you have such wonderful prose like that?

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