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Thursday 28 October 2010

That Facebook movie guy on the cover of Nylon Guys magazine

The Social Network‘s Jesse Eisenberg is the November 2010 Nylon Guys magazine cover star.

In the issue, Jesse talks about portraying Facebook founder Marc Zuckerberg in the critically acclaimed flick, The Social Network:

“The really notable thing about the character is that even though he’s seen in that kind of dark light… [The Social Network] creates no doubt in your mind, regardless of how you feel about Zuckerberg, that he was the only one who could have created the website.”

Here are some outtakes from his interview.

On his 40-year-old best friend in Junior High:

"He played my father in a play. We're still good friends."

On his recent travels around the world:

"I like it... I mean I don't really like it while I'm there, but I like having gone. I feel I should be seeing the world, not just reading about it."

Jesses's new film The Social Network is now screening and his next film Zombieland 2 is in development.

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