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Friday 1 October 2010

Australia's Next Top Model: Foxtel says the bungle was down to "human error".

In a media release just in, the news is that Foxtel and production company Granada have concluded a thorough internal investigation following the broadcast of the final episode this week of Australia’s Next Top Model.

Both have accepted full responsibility for the fault which resulted in the wrong name of the winner being announced live to air. It has been confirmed that it was human error, and not a technical glitch, which caused the incident.

Brian Walsh, Executive Director of Television, said “It was important that FOXTEL, as broadcaster, and Granada, as the series producer, conducted our own review of Tuesday night’s events. In doing so, we have confirmed that the fault was a human communications error to the host Sarah Murdoch and that an assumption had been made by the producer which has now shown to be incorrect.

“Live television can be unpredictable and people can be forgiven for making a mistake. What isn’t acceptable, though, is any suggestion that the host, Sarah Murdoch, was at fault or that this was a publicity stunt. Nothing could be further from the truth and we apologise to Sarah for any embarrassment it, and the subsequent publicity, has caused her,” he said.

“We have also expressed our apologies to the two contestants, Amanda Ware and Kelsey Martinovich.”

Leonie Lowe, Managing Director of Granada Productions, said “We have identified where and how the error occurred and spoken at length with those responsible. They have conceded the mistake and have personally expressed their apology to Sarah.

“Both Granada and FOXTEL would like to express their thanks to Sarah for a marvellous job this season. She has gone beyond the call of duty, having gone back to work on the show just three weeks after having given birth to her daughter, Aerin. The show’s finale was a flawless piece of television up until that last moment when one producer simply got it wrong. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and it’s disappointing that this communications error should overshadow what has been a wonderful series,” she said.

Here is the video footage that shows what happened (plus, UPDATED: what went down and what was said in the hours after the TV incident:)

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