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Wednesday 6 October 2010

Stuff for kids: Boggle Flash. I want one!

I went to a toy expo a few weeks ago and this little beauty was showcased.

I want one.

It's called Boggle Flash, and is for kids age eight and up. Or for big kids like me who love words.

After a few gos, it lived up to its claim to 'providing a fast, frantic and addictive play experience unlike any other using an innovative new technology.'

Installed with ‘Smart Tile Technology’ the five letter tiles recognise formed words when the tiles are placed side by side and light up to indicate a completed word.

Played by one player, Boggle Flash Cubes keeps time and score as competitors slide, move and shuffle electronic cubed letter tiles in a race to create as many three-to-five letter words as possible in 60 seconds.

It's Scrabble on steroids!

$69.95, and on sale now.

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