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Sunday 4 August 2013

Anthony Del Col: Final Interview

In the wake of the passing of Anthony Del Col, I'd like to show his last published interview.

I worked alongside Anthony on the Ultimate Wedding Planning Party, the bridal event created by my friend and brill PR, Kim Veverka.

I truly enjoyed assisting in the process of getting some great stories published for the event.

One of the vehicles for press was the local newspapers. It made sense: ask the paper to profile some inspiring local talent in their area. People connect with this more, and are more inspired to know about the event, by knowing the back story of the local people involved.

Anthony Del Col... what can I say? He was the natural choice to pitch, year in, year out.

He gave good quote, always. He knew his craft inside out and so he was at ease in an interview situation.

He'd been profiled a few times by the local paper in his 'hood (Inner West Courier), but I really wanted him profiled again in the IWC. The journo at the local - Shireen Khalil - agreed, and a photo shoot and interview time was arranged.

As usual, Anthony was ready, willing, and had an abundance of enthusiasm.

I don't live in the area, so when I got the PDF of the article, I kinda flipped. As did Anthony. It was just perfect... a lovely piece, and one of the most beautiful photos I'd ever seen of Anthony.

Here it is:
Today, that same precious photo was used for an obituary piece in The Sunday Telegraph:

Anthony, you were always gracious with any opportunities that came your way. I feel kinda privileged to have assisted with this final one. RIP, angel.

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