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Monday 19 August 2013

'The House of Hancock' miniseries: Foxtel commissions Screentime to develop

In TV news just in, Foxtel has signed Screentime to advance development of 'The House of Hancock', a miniseries depicting the extraordinary life of mining magnate Lang Hancock.

The six hour drama is to be based on original research using a number of sources, in particular Adele Ferguson’s bestselling biography 'Gina Rinehart'.

'The House of Hancock' will span Hancock’s life from the outback of the Pilbara to the glamour of 1980s Perth. 

During his lifetime, Hancock was the most powerful mining magnate in Australia, passionately devoted to his business and his name. In Gina, he raised a daughter Gina who would become the single heir to a mining dynasty. But the death of Lang's wife saw the entrance of Rose, and the father/daughter relationship tested – a rift that would be played out in front of the mediaReconciling upon his deathbed, Lang would leave his huge business empire Gina, leaving a huge impact on the Australian and global economy.

Foxtel Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh said “Foxtel is committed to building and expanding our commitment to Australian drama and to bringing remarkable Australian stories to life. 'The House of Hancock' is an enticing idea for the screen and captures the life of a truly extraordinary Australian.

“Foxtel and Screentime’s drama creative teams will work closely together over the next few months to explore the full potential of the miniseries.”

Screentime Executive Chairman Des Monaghan said “We are delighted to be developing for the screen this extraordinary story about a family who have done so much to shape the Australia of today.” 

Lang had some very strong opinions... this will go down as one of the more controversial:

Perhaps the mini-series will depict classic Rose moments like this:

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