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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Maya Medispa: Bridal Skincare Tips

Maya Medispa is an oasis in the middle of Sydney's Woollahra, and offers up the most delightful and decadent of treatments for your skin and body. I was thrilled to be treated to several treatments. You can read about my roadtest here.

I asked Maya her expert tips for the lead up to a wedding day - what kind of regime she recommends, little tricks, what's available when you go to the salon.

She gave me the lowdown right here.

Maya says:

"Don't try new things at the very last minute/day or week. Any type of waxing should be trialled a month before, or even five weeks before.

"Your skin can react to the wax or simply to the fact that you just pulled out hair out of the roots for the first time. It can be a bit of a shock to your oil glands and little pimples can appear after a couple of days, especially around the top lip area.

"You need to know how long it will take your skin to settle so you can time your hair removal appointment accordingly. If it's a full bikini that you're thinking of trying for the first time, please don't leave it to the day before - it can still be red and uncomfortable for 24-48 hours afterwards, especially if it is your first time undertaking this treatment.

The same goes for spray tans. I suggest you do a couple of trials beforehand, to get the right colour that suits you. It might take a few days for your favourite colour to appear. Make sure you exfoliate really well before and moisturise evenly a couple of days after your tan - it will make it last longer and better.

"If you don't normally have a light tan or olive skin, I suggest you stick to slow tan-building moisturisers. It will look softer than a sudden tan that might not even suit you.

"Also remember that spray tan can block your pores and cause blackheads, pimples and acne, or even oily skin.

"If your wedding is six months away you might think you have it all under control. But factor in stress - it has proven to show its ugly face (at some point). Have some things in place to prevent it from making you break out... or loose it!

"Your skin is a mirror to your general health, so think of prevention rather than covering up or freaking out at the last minute. Remember that the skin on your back or chest can and should be treated just the same way as the skin on your face, especially if your dress will reveal it, or the honeymoon that will follow will have it on show.

"Get yourself on into a healthy lifestyle, and try a facial or two to bring your skin to a natural glow. Book in a massage or pedi in between dress fittings and give your body and mind a chance to unwind and relax."

Maya's advice is brilliant, and absolutely true. Although I have been married for ten years, I do recall heading some of this advice way back then, but I wish I'd had some guidance to know what to do in the lead-up, to look my glowing best on the day. You can find no better than Maya to guide you through all of this as your day nears.

Maya Medispa is located at 47 Moncur Street, Woollahra. Phone: 02 9327 4788 or email Maya at: info@mayamedispa.com.au

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