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Wednesday 28 August 2013

Craigslist Stolen Bike: Taken Back

Gosh, I loved reading about this today.

Here is the story, in a nutshell... right here:

A Canadian woman stole back her bicycle from a thief after seeing it advertised online.

Kayla Smith, 33, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that her bicycle was taken from a rack in Vancouver's Olympic Village (constructed to host athletes during the 2010 Winter Games, and now a busy neighbourhood).

Kayla filed a police report over the theft of the bicycle - valued at $1000.

The next day, she spotted an ad on the classified ad site Craigslist for a bike that looked very much like hers.

She contacted the seller and arranged to meet him in a nearby McDonald's parking lot, posing as a buyer.

She immediately recognised her bike, asked the seller if she could ride it around the parking lot... then rode off with the bike.


To read more, go here.

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