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Sunday 4 August 2013

Anthony Del Col: Dedication to his parents

This post is dedicated to Anthony Del Col.

We had a message exchange only a few months ago, on the day of his parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

His beloved father had passed away in September 2012, and his parents' wedding anniversary was in April 2013. 

He posted some incredibly beautiful photos of his parents' wedding day, with a caption.

I asked Anthony if I could use them. He said yes:

Anth, that is a BEAUTIFUL post!! Made me cry! Would be thrilled to reproduce it on my blog, with some words of my own added to it. And I'd be honoured to also use the pics. BIG, big hugs hon x

Hi Josie, thank you so much I had to stop a few times writing it. Yes of course you can send me your number and I'll send you some more pics xx love you so much. Such a emotional day xx

SUCH an emotional day, honey. I know that it's also hugely upsetting as it's the first anniversary without him, and such a huge one too. That would be beautiful! My number is 04xxxxxxxx. Big, big hugs bello xx

Bella so sorry I had a wedding on and I forgot to update you - all the photos are online x

Thanks hon, will check them out! xx

Sadly, I never got to post the blog... and now I feel compelled to. This is for you, darling Anthony. One of the most beautiful people to ever walk this planet. I fell for your inner and outer beauty and sincerity immediately. As did every single person you've ever met and touched in some way.

His love for his family was like nothing I've ever seen before. The joy they felt simply to be in each others' presence was rare and beautiful. His closeness to his mother was... something else. I loved chatting with her at events. She is a beautiful Italian nonna you're drawn to immediately. She told me Anthony was like a daughter to her. Closer, even. Their bond was palpable, obvious, unbreakable. They adored each other. Anthony's bond with his sister and nieces was incredible. The adoration was deep and genuine and so beautiful to watch and be around.

His lifelong partner was Noel, and I adored chatting with him. It was evident their relationship was super close and loving and filled with fun. In an email to me a few months ago, Anthony called Noel his husband, and it was utterly gorgeous to read and hear. I have re-read all of Anthony's emails to me and my heart breaks. Anthony and Noel had been together 12 years.

To think I - and countless others - will never see this beautiful man again is heartbreaking. His smile, his laugh, his voice, his warmth... how will we ever cope with never seeing him again?

This is the caption he posted online with the photos:

"Today is a day that is filled with love in the Del Col home and one that is filled with emotions as we reflect and praise. 

50 years ago today my Mum & Dad got married and since that day the love and devotion towards each other has been as strong as it was in this photo of them walking out of the church as they became one.

My sister Teresa, brother Frank and I have brought these values and respect to our families that have been passed onto us and we thank you Mum and Dad every day for the sacrifices you made for us.

Cherish the special moments in life as at the end all you will have left to look back on is the memories that - like today - bring a smile to our families' faces.

Mum and Dad I love you more today than I did yesterday and I will love you more tomorrow than I did today.

Auguri x


Anthony, fly with the angels, my love.

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