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Friday 16 August 2013

'The Soup': 500 Episodes - Australian and Global Live Screening

If you're a fan of 'The Soup' you'll be excited to learn that the show will be celebrating 500 episodes next week.

The special episode of E!’s longest running comedy series will screen live on Australian TV on Thursday, August 22nd at 12pm AEST, with encore at 8.30pm that evening.

It will be the first time ever 'The Soup' will be broadcast live across the globe.

E! is also celebrating Joel McHale’s almost decade-long tenure as the completely charismatic and always hilarious host - it's a Sunday night highlight for weekly recaps of the craziest pop culture moments.

I won't lie... I am a huge fan of Joel McHale, and was kind of a groupie-slash-journo when, as associate editor of Sydney mag City weekly, I interviewed him a few years ago, and unashamedly waited for him after his Sydney (Enmore) show, so I could meet him. Here's my interview with him in City Weekly mag. I can honestly say I have never met a more polite, gracious celeb. Utterly at odds with his on-screen shenanigans, though completely genuine.

Says Joel: "I'm very excited to perform 'The Soup' live. No television show has ever been broadcast this way before. We're very excited to be at the forefront of this incredible technology."

'The Soup' has turned infamous pop culture clips into international talking points, accompanied by Joel's clever commentary and hilarious TV clips.

In addition to weekly episodes, the series has expanded into multiple platforms including social media integration via Facebook (www.facebook.com/thesoup) and Twitter (@TheSoup), and the recent spin-off special, 'The Soup Investigates' hosted by Joel McHale, which dove into the Hollywood vortex to examine pop culture mysteries, celebrity rumours and the most shocking tabloid claims through typical Joel McHale tongue-in-cheek investigative reporting. And then of course there's the annual 'The Soup Awards'.

Each week, celebrity guest appearances feature on the show, and often it's the very people Joel has been mocking.

This remains one of my favourite, specially created clips from the show, featuring Eminem:

'The Soup' airs its 500th episode LIVE and celebrates nearly ten years with Joel McHale as host on Thursday, August 22nd at 12pm, with an encore at 8:30pm AEST only on E!.

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