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Friday 30 August 2013

Project 90: My Fit n Fast Journey - Report Four

Report four of my Fit n Fast 'Project 90' program is here, and while the three month journey is almost over, the big life shift is just beginning. Five kilograms lost so far, and now just over three weeks to go!

(Here is part one and part two and part three which gives an intro and updates on my journey).

The biggest change for me has been the way I have embraced this as a complete lifestyle change - what I do and eat is now part of who I am. Eating unhealthily is now not something I want to do - and my body is not happy about it if I do sneak a little something.

And that's the whole point - the concept of 'sneaking' in anything is detrimental to my ongoing success; it's the kind of self-sabotage that has had me fail in the past. Instead, allowing myself the occasional treat is far better for me from a psychological point of view, than depriving myself altogether.

In the words of Matt O'Neill from Metabolic Jumpstart, if you crave something which is not part of the healthy food choices you know are good for you, simply "get your fix, not your fill."

So, have a square of that dark chocolate... don't gorge on it.

My catch up coaching calls with Matt are a constant source of inspiration - he is interested in where I have failed as much as what has succeeded for me. From this, we dissect and discuss and Matt offers up viable, and easy to follow suggestions.

For example, with only weeks to go, Matt has sent me a calendar for the month of September so I can properly chart what's coming up (weddings, parties, anything) so it doesn't threaten to put me off course. It has worked well - if I know an event is happening and there might be cake, I can factor that in, and allow myself that treat, knowing I won't pay attention to my sweet tooth at other times during the week.

Matt has sent me some handy PDFs on why weight loss plateaus happen (reduced metabolic rate, undereating, overeating...) and seven ways to plateau (reassess your energy intake, write it all down), so I can understand them better and not feel deflated by them.

At the gym, my personal trainer Hayley contiues to, well, whip my butt into shape.

We are talking high impact circut training, more boxing, an introduction to the Stairmaster bike (yikes, it's hard work but strangely addictive), and lots of short bursts of high intensity exercise. After each bi-weekly session with Hayley (I go to the gym the other three weekdays and work out by myself) I feel happy to add some extra time on the bike or the treadmill.

I notice a definite increase in people at the gym of late, too. With the season of spring imminent, more body-consious folk are now out getting fit, and that means more sessions at the gym. It's encouraging to see.

Appearance-wise, my clothes are looser, jeans fit better, and it's fun getting dressed up again. I know I still have a substantial way to go on the weight/cm loss front, but the begininngs are positive and visible, and my confidence is climbing, and that's what's important.

How are you going on your weight loss journey? Feel free to commnent below!

Oh, and my fab 'after' shots are imminent... I won't lie, it's kinda my motivator to keep striving to looking amazing.

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