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Tuesday 20 August 2013

Maya Medispa: Beauty Roadtest

When you meet a beauty therapist that is as beautiful inside and out - and gives you glowing skin to boot - you kinda want to spread the news far and wide.

Maya Bilalis is one such therapist.

Here she is below:

She operates Maya Mediaspa in Sydney's Woollahra, and has done so for several years. She knows her stuff. Here is the sanctuary, below:

Maya treated my skin with some fabulous treatments.

So I asked her exactly what I had done, so you can replicate it at the salon (wherever you live, it is worth the trip. Just ask the locals!): 

"You had our 'Power of 2' medi treatments, which consists of anti wrinkle peptide facials with light.

"All peptide facials include a deep exfoliation in two ways: one is physical exfoliation, with the use of Vitamin C for a brighter complexion. The second is chemical exfoliation with lactic acid that travels deeper into the epidermis and helps with further but gentle exfoliation. Wow! That, so far, is a great treatment on its own.

"Omnilux light therapy was to follow for collagen and elastin production, hydration, relaxation, more clarity and glow, and oh, let's not forget to get skin plumped.

"Light therapy can help with almost any condition of the skin because it boosts the skin's immune system and kicks off a healing response; in turn, you get a healthy clear skin. That also means that any supporting skin care will work much better and so you/we can get more specific with each client's needs. 

"We followed with serum and ceramide massage balm with fruit extracts for relaxation, detox and nourish. Finally the ever so light, refreshing and anti aging souffle mask.

"I hope I didn't get carried away there," adds Maya "What can I say, I LOVE THIS STUFF!"

That she does! You can't suppress genuine love for your profession, and Maya has it in spades. The great thing is you, the client, get to benefit from that. You leave with that extra dose of TLC, and your skin loves you for it. The effects are long lasting and skin feels utterly alive. The trick is tp keep it up with repeat visits, so skin stays salvaged.

In the next blog post, tips from Maya for your wedding day.

Maya Medispa is located at 47 Moncur Street, Woollahra. Phone: 02 9327 4788 or email Maya at: info@mayamedispa.com.au

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