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Sunday, 8 December 2013

McDonald's Home Delivery Sydney Starts

In news that will excite McDonald's fan and horrify nutrionists, McDonald's has just started a home delivery service. This sight, below, seen overseas... yes, it's now happening in Australia. Read on for more:

Okay, now we all know that excessive consumption - for some clean eating purists, ANY consumption - of what we Aussies affectionately call 'Maccas' is not the key to healthy living.

But the global brand has responded to what is clearly a demand for a delivery service of its fast food (modelled on the home delivery service in Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia and Korea) by introducing a trial of home delivery in the North Parramatta (Sydney, NSW) store.

According to this article, this is in one of the city's most disadvantaged areas and has one of the highest levels of obesity.

The North Parramatta McDelivery service is offering ''family value'' packs containing hamburgers, soft drinks, chicken nuggets and fries (with the option of side salads) between 5pm and 9pm every day.

According to the article, a McDonald's spokeswoman said the trial, which includes a $4.95 delivery fee and a $25 minimum, commenced on November 27 and had so far been ''well received'' .

What do you think of this new delivery service?

To read more, go here.

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