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Saturday 28 December 2013

'Miserable Men' Instagram: PHOTOS


I saw this on 'The Today Show' a few days ago and thought... genius!

It's the new Instagram account called 'Miserable Men.'

And it's be-yond fantastic!

Behold, some examples, below.

But first, do you shop with your man?

My short answer is... NO.

Not now, not ever.

Okay... maybe once.

Just married, I said, let's go shopping together! Just for groceries, it'll be fun! In my shopping nirvana which is the grocery heaven called 'Woolies', I checked out the specials, I planned meals in my head, I stopped to feel up the fruit... and I looked over and saw the new husband looking bored. And decidedly shitty.

Right there and then I made a decision - which I expressed out loud - I will never grocery shop with him again. And I never have. These days, I STILL think a solo grocery shop is the highlight of my week. No, really.

A year or so later I STILL must not have learned my lesson, and I STOOPIDLY thought hanging out at the post-Christmas sales would be a kind of bonding experience.

Again, bahaha. WHAT A JOKE.

He was almost dragged along and not surprisingly, haaated it!

Again, have NEVER done it again. I mean, what for?

My greatest indulgence is shopping solo... for anything. Trying on clothes, not being rushed, just looking, being indecisive, or deciding super-quick... it's MY business, my thing, my pleasure. Who wants to be rushed through anything?

Just today I braved the sales with my six year old twins. It went okay, but yes, at times I WAS that mother you look at a tad horrified at the shops as I tried to reign them in/scold them for opening the change room curtain/ask them to give me a few more minutes before we were really, truly, definitely leaving (yeah, THAT mother you swear you will never be 'When I Have Kids One Day.' Feel free to get back to me on that when you do...)

And so, here we are, some examples of some very miserable men.

Feel free to LOL and share:

For more 'Miserable Men' fabulousness, and to follow them on Insty, click here.

So, what's your shopping style? With partner (willingly or dragged?), or solo?

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