Today marks the return of Facebook’s 'Year in Review' feature, which allows you to see a list of the 20 “biggest moments” of this year, as you've posted on Facebook (including everything from tagged pictures to status updates to posts others have left on your wall) based on which received the most likes and comments.
Go to your profile, and on the left hand side you will see Year In Review. Click that, and watch Facebook collate it all for you to enjoy.
I'd forgotten about some precious moments I'd posted about earlier this year... was fun to look back!

Facebook is also considering introducing a ‘sympathise’ button so that users can express more sombre emotions, when a 'like' is not quite right... like a pet dying and your status saying you're sad (obv) but happy you spent so many special moments together (which part are you actually 'liking'?)

Users would select a negative feeling like ‘depressed’ from a set list of emotions when commenting on something.

Remember the days of the 'dislike' Facebook button?

Which button would you like to see introduced?

What about these cheeky suggestions?