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Tuesday 31 December 2013

Flipagram: How to create one - VIDEO and Apps

Have you seen people sharing a short clip they created with their photos called Flipagram?

It's the perfect, end of year retrospective posted mostly on Instagram, and you can choose any photos you want from Facebook, Instagram or your 'Camera Roll', to be included in your slideshow video.

As far as editing goes, you can sort your photos, adjust the timing of photo flips, select your fave music to go with it, then share it on all your other social networking profiles.
You can use Flipagram anytime of the year, of course, but 2013 photo round-ups seem to be the most obvious, popular ones right now.
Statigram also has an option for users to create similar slideshow videos, but it automatically chooses photos for your by looking at which of your Instagram pics generated the most interaction. Flipagram offers a lot more editing options and leaves you in control of how your videos turn out.
Download Flipagram - available for both Android and iPhone now.
For more on Flipagram, click here.
For a video how-to, here we are below:

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