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Tuesday 17 December 2013

Strike Bowling Bar: Macquarie Centre - Launch PHOTOS

Now, I have not been bowling for eons. There is an old bowling alley near where I lived, and I have not ventured there for years. My six year old daughter hounds me to go bowling, and I am a bit... well, what's the experience going to be like for her? Is the food healthy and exciting? Is the place kid-friendly? What if I wanted to go with a bunch of pals and hang and have a few drinks?

Launched on Tuesday 10 December 2013, Macquarie Centre has now welcomed Strike Bowling Bar to their entertainment precinct (and what a precinct... this place is amazing and buzzing, even on a 'school night).

Said to be a fave pasttime of visiting A-list celebrities like Angelina Jolie and her brood, and Usher, the opening of Strike Macquarie Centre has marked the 12th Strike venue now open, and will no doubt give locals a complete entertainment experience including bowling, laser tag, karaoke and the brand new 'Darts Live.'

At the launch last week, I can attest: this place is rocking!

Adding to Macquarie Centre's clout as a place for some fun and excitement, Strike has introduced a new interior with edgy, industrial style finishes and giant murals created by street artist Adnate. These are to be seen to be appreciated, but here's a taster. Incredible work! (all photos: Alana Dimou).

Here are some more shots of this fantastic place (it's quite loud, so maybe call ahead and ask them when is the best time for kiddies to come play):

A huge island bar is the central focus of the lounge, set up for hanging, dining and playing, with Strike’s signature jam jar strawberry mojitos available as part of a premium food and beverage offering. Check it:

20 staff members are employed at Macquarie Centre to give customers the ultimate customer service experience (and they did! The most attentive, bright and happy staff around!) with 10,000 people per month set to enjoy Strike at Macquarie Centre. The newest Strike venue houses 10 bowling lanes, each with giant lane end video screens, custom-made lane furniture and an arty new lighting concept. There are also three karaoke rooms (YES!) and a fully themed laser arena allowing 24 players the chance to battle it out. High-end AV and lighting systems, a full-line kitchen, a deluxe bar, lounges, private party rooms, pool tables and interactive games all form part of the Strike Macquarie experience.

“Bringing Strike to Macquarie Centre was not ‘rocket surgery’, we are joining and rounding out a world standard entertainment precinct which will now add ten pin bowling, a great bar, laser tag, karaoke, pool, Darts Live and interactive games to their existing offering including ice-skating, movies and a great line up of eating options. Not only is this a family oriented area, but Macquarie Centre is also a central hub for university students and corporates who all want to enjoy themselves, relax, unwind and have a good time,” says Michael Schreiber, Managing Director of Strike Entertainment.

“Strike does good times best, whether it’s catching up with mates to roll a few frames over a cold craft beer or hosting an action packed birthday party or work function with laser tag and karaoke in one of our private rooms, we make your fun our aim,” said Schreiber.

Opening just in time for the school holidays, the wide range of activities on offer will mean Strike Bowling Bar in Macquarie Centre will be the ideal entertainment destination during the summer months.

“At Strike, we pride ourselves on crafting memorable experiences with a laser like focus on customer service, great music, a well-considered environment, amazing cocktails and a wide beer selection. Our mission is to give you an engaging, social, interactive and enjoyable time, whether it is your first visit or your 50th. Opening our doors at Macquarie Centre means we are able to welcome a new market to the Strike experience,” added Mr Schreiber.

I highly recommend this venue for a bowling - and laser tag and karaoke - experience with a dfference. Go visit them!

For more information on the company visit www.strikebowling.com.au

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