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Saturday 28 December 2013

1990s music - VIDEOS. The best.

1990s music.

In my mind... it's the best.

For me, the year 1990 was the year I kinda found my freedom.

It was my first year of uni. I'd turned 18 in January, and it was the year of my first boyfriend (I was incredibly shy and turned down so many dates between age 15 and 18. Finally, I gave dating a go. Yeah, I liked it...)

The 1990s then meant I went out 'clubbing' like mad.

And so, these songs were the soundtrack to my late teens and throughout my 20s.

For me, 1990s music was Euro-dance allll the way.

Listen and reminisce.

Let's start with... Whigfield (with weird cat motifs and random sailors...?):

And Ace of Base:

And Black Box:


A spot of Sash!


Real McCoy:

DJ Bobo:

2 Unlimited:


Culture Beat:

Eiffel 65's 'Blue':

Dr Alban:



And then we had Bubblegum dance, in later 1990s, like the monster hit 'Barbie Girl':

And... I think I am done. For now.

Any you can add?

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