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Monday 3 February 2014

Ian Thorpe's Health: Hospital Admission + Depression Rehab

Screenshot from Nine News Afternoon Edition - Josie's Juice

In news just in, according to Nine News, Ian Thorpe has been "found wandering streets in Sydney", and "taken to hospital."

This follows his admission into hospital last week for what was widely reported as rehab for alcohol abuse and depression.

On the day the story broke, however, Ian's manager denied he had entered rehab, instead had been admitted to hospital for a shoulder injury.

According to a story in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph, Ian Thorpe was planning to 'flee' Australia, and go back to his home in Switzerland.

Whatever is happening in Ian Thorpe's life, everyone wishes him the best in getting the care and medical attention he needs.

UPDATED: more info here.

The article starts:

BREAKING: OLYMPIC champion Ian Thorpe was detained by police near his parents' home at 3.15am today, news.com.au can confirm.
A police media spokeswoman said emergency services were called to a home in Panania Monday morning.
Police spoke to Thorpe, who was sitting in a vehicle outside the home, and he was then taken to hospital for assessment.

UPDATED: Channel Nine's Neil Breen has confirmed in the 6pm Nine News bulletin that Ian Thorpe's manager has indeed confirmed to Neil that Ian Thorpe has been admitted to hospital for rehab for depression.

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