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Monday 10 February 2014

Schapelle Corby's release - media scrum too harsh or justified?

The extreme media scrum of today for Schapelle Corby's release - too harsh or media just doing their job?

Many are divided not only about Schapelle's innocence or guilt (did she know what she was carrying in that boogie board bag? Didn't she realise the bag was heavier than when she left Australia? Did her father plant the drugs? What of the baggage handlers?), but about how much privacy she is entitled to now, and how much she could/should command for any future interviews.

I am very clear about the treatment she received today.

The media have a job to do. As viewers and listeners to this story, our ability to even be able to comment on the footage we see is thanks to Australian media contingencies being flown to Bali - I lost count of how many people from the Nine Network were on the ground and reporting from every angle. And no doubt all major networks had as many reporters flown there, ensuring we see every single angle and every single moment, even if most of it was of Schapelle in bizarre headress.

We may play armchair critic from the comfort of our homes, but we only get to do that thanks to media covering every single angle, gleaning information from a setting where it was obvioulsy hard to compile a story, given the mayhem.

In my own home, my husband and I were utterly divided: she was treated too harshly, let her breathe, she's been treated like an animal, he said.

I see the same footage yet I see media having a job to do, in an environment where there is a lack of security and organisation and basic cordoning off of areas. It would have been traumatic for someone who is already traumatised... why didn't officials make the transition to freedom more comfortable for her?

They say there was "no special treatment" given to Schapelle throughout the whole process, from the day and time her release was signed, to her release today. She was to be treated the same as the other prisoners who were released in the past few days.

However, Schapelle is unlike any other prisoner released from Kerobokan prison.

Below are some photos captured from the Nine News coverage.

What do you make of it all?

Nothing 'excited' me more today than Nine's Lizzie Pearl explaining how the "finely tuned operation" was executed, the new technology used, the lengths they went to, to ensure we saw what they saw, as it happened.

Share your thoughts.

All photos Josie's Juice blog, via Nine News.

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