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Sunday 2 February 2014

RSPCA 'Set A Sister Free': Laura Csortan, Katrina Warren, Michelle Bridges, Magdalena Roze

RSPCA has just launched a campaign called 'Set A Sister Free', which aims to get hens out of cages across Australia.

The RSPCA's new 'Set a Sister Free' campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the plight of hens caged for egg production. There are approximately 11 million hens around the country crammed into tiny chicken pens.

RSPCA Australia says on their Facebook page:

"Is 2014 the year you help to Set a Sister Free? By joining our hen heroes and ensuring all the eggs and products you buy are cage free, you can help make a difference to the lives of over 11 million hens. Check out what Michelle Bridges, Laura Csortan, Magdalena Roze and Dr Katrina Warren are doing to help at www.SetASisterFree.com"

Model and TV presenter Laura CsortanMichelle Bridges from 'The Biggest Loser, Channel 10 weather presenter Magdalena Roze and TV vet Katrina Warren have all leant their faces to the campaign, featured below.

Here are short clips from the campaign photo shoots:

The video description says:

"Will you join Dr Katrina Warren and help Set a Sister Free? You might think that because cage-free eggs are available on supermarket shelves, the problem is fixed, but there are still 11 million hens living in cages in Australia. With at least 40% of eggs produced going into food manufacturing, restaurants, cafes and catering, most Australians are consuming cage eggs without even realising. 

By checking your labels, checking your menus and ensuring all the eggs you eat are cage free, you can help make a big difference."

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