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Monday 17 February 2014

Kirsty Spraggon: TEDx Speaker Shares Her "Pretty Little Secret"

Kirsty Spraggon.

This woman is as powerful and wonderful as she is simultaneously vulnerable and strong.

For me, that's a 'lethal' combination for anyone wanting to be a 'vessel' to get a message across. Someone like this makes you stop and take notice and listen. That's Kirsty.

I first laid eyes on Kirsty in 2013 when she was on the weekend Today show (Australia), touted as 'The Next Oprah'. I mean… how could you not take notice with a tag like that! I contacted her immediately and to my surprise… I heard back from her immediately. I now consider this wonderful woman my friend. She is ridiculously inspiring in all her interviews she conducts for her show web-based show 'KirstyTV'.

This Australian woman (she hails from Western Australia) is up to BIG things. Read up on her more here, including her interview with Josie's Juice.

Recently, Kirsty spoke at the renowned TEDxTalks platform. Here is her powerful clip. It's all about her "pretty little secret":

And here is the talk she did, impromptu, by herself in her hotel room before the TEDx talk… so raw and emotional:

With a secret that weighed heavily on her for over a decade, Kirsty Spraggon shares how the shame and guilt of our secrets can insidiously infect our lives. She shares the fact that 'our desire to heal has to be greater than our fear' and how when you are vulnerable enough to open up, you can turn your secret into your greatest gift and greatest teacher and live freely. 

Follow Kirsty here and here.

For daily inspiration from an Australian women destined for big things and messages to give the world, I highly recommend you do.

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