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Thursday 2 April 2015

#BARBandNIKO @HughesyandKate Online Dating Scammer: VIDEOS

I just discovered this tonight - the #BARBandNIKO catfishing saga on the Hughesy and Kate radio show.

Kate is being strung along by an online dating scammer - thing is, it's him who is being strung along. And the whole thing is being broadcast (and filmed) for our viewing pleasure, effectively providing us with entertainment at his expense, but also a warning to never, ever get sucked in by scammer.

Watch the entire saga unfold (the next instalment is due on Tuesday:

A quick round up:

And today's video - click on the hyperlink below:
"Can you lend me some money?". The question has officially been asked!
Posted by Hughesy and Kate on Wednesday, 1 April 2015

This was posted on the Hughesy and Kate Facebook page tonight: Niko has been using this man's image as part of his scam. Share this and help us inform this man of the false use of his image. 

Can you help track him down? #BARBandNIKO

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