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Saturday 11 April 2015

#PutYourDressOut to honour Stephanie Scott on what would have been her wedding day

This morning, while writing a piece on murdered Australian school teacher Stephanie Scott and the speech her sister Kim was intending to read at her wedding to fiancé Aaron, a hashtag was emerging in her honour: #PutYourDressOut.

It came from Jamila Rizvi, editor of website mamamia and was accompanied with a photo of her wedding dress hanging on her door.

I immediately thought - what a beautifully touching idea. Jamila herself, only married a few months, and very likely remembering her beautiful day. And as gutted as us all that Stephanie would not enjoy one of the best days if her life.

The site wrote:

Today, women of Australia are hanging their wedding dresses (or another dress special to them) on their front door not only to acknowledge the passing of Stephanie, but also to remember the daily tragedy of violence against women in our community.

You can read more about that here.

I had to go out soonafter, so I couldn't go and get my wedding dress, all boxed up and dry-cleaned and sealed up and stored. The one my late mother bought for me (as is Italian tradition, as well as my shoes and accessories) and I chose with such delight. It was the first one I'd seen, and I chose it on the spot. I got measure up and it was to be made to order. And then, every time we went past the bridal store I made mum go back again and again with me so I could see the one on the mannequin. She'd smile sweetly and have a laugh at my expense and say: "Again!? Okay, again."

All these beautiful moments Stephanie would have likely shared with her mum, and her sister Kim, and her bridesmaids. How completely devastating that her precious moments, many yet to come, will never see the light of day - she will never have the right, as we all do, to experience them.

And so, while I was out a found a photo of my husband and I on my Facebook page and uploaded it with the hashtag:

Rest in peace, Stephanie. It is fitting that in our beautiful country we come up with such lovely ideas and heartfelt tributes which come from a good place.

Here are some photos of those who posted on Instagram:

A photo posted by Mrs Sheather (@teachlearncreate) on

And the dress that started it all, Jamila's:

And the beautiful woman we're doing it for, Stephanie Scott:

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