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Wednesday 22 April 2015

'The Weekly with Charlie Pickering': ABC TV - VIDEO

You've likely seen the ads for Charlie Pickering's new show… and tonight, it starts.

'The Weekly with Charlie Pickering' will premiere on Wednesday 22 April at 8:30pm on ABC.

The blurb says:

Australians demand a show that keeps its promises and THE WEEKLY with Charlie Pickering promises to be both weekly and hosted by Charlie Pickering.


A brand new half-hour comedy show that shoves a broom handle into the spinning wheel of the news cycle, THE WEEKLY with Charlie Pickering shines a light on the bits of the week’s news that you didn’t notice, as well as some bits you were noticing when you didn’t notice the other stuff. Backed up by heavy-weight comedians Tom Gleeson & Kitty Flanagan, who both object to that description, THE WEEKLY will expose the humorous, the absurd and the downright hypocritical, 24/7, once a week.

THE WEEKLY: the news you need, a few days after you need it. 

I love it already!

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering will premiere on Wednesday 22 April at 8:30pm on ABC

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