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Monday 20 April 2015

Jonathan Crombie - Gilbert Blythe In 'Anne of Green Gables' - and what he means to us. Plus, VIDEOS

How has the sudden death of Jonathan Crombie (who famously played Gilbert Blythe In 'Anne of Green Gables') affected his very upset passionate fans?

More on that below; first some romantic and lovely video compiles of Gilbert and his beloved Anne Shirley (Megan Follows) throughout the cult classic:

Says Thereyns Koo, a devoted fan and fellow writer: "I think anyone who had an older sister was forced to model themselves on him."

He adds: "Stoic, smart and a doctor - he was what every ethnic mother wanted their son to be and their daughter to marry."

"Far out," he continues, "We never knew what we had until it was gone. At age 48, former Canadian teen actor died of a brain haemorrhage. Except this was Jonathan Crombie. Who? Maybe you've heard of 'Gilbert Blythe'? Gilbert Blythe. 'Anne Of Green Gables' was a phenomenon. The story of a red headed orphan who found herself at a farm in the 1800s spoke to many girls.

"Anne was smart, socially awkward, fiery and beyond capable. Gilbert Blythe was introduced as the rich boy who took an interest in Anne and loved her despite all her short comings. And all her strengths."

How very sad that a beautiful life has been cut short so very young.

Many generations will go on to remember Gilbert Blythe, and his memory will live on.

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