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Tuesday 21 April 2015

Sia: Why She Hides Her Face In Public - 'Sunrise': VIDEO + 'Chandelier' VIDEO

In between her two epic performances on Australian breakfast TV show 'Sunrise' this morning, internationally renowned singer Sia explained to the show's co-host Samantha Arnytage why she conceals her face (often with her trademark blonde wig, sometimes with other elaborate masks and other decorative face 'shields').

Before that clip, below, here is the ultra moving clip of her performance. Sia is the only modern day singer who can sear through the heart, I say. Watch and see if you agree - her song starts at 3.10 mark:

What do you think? Did you see her songs being performed? So incredible - there is nobody like Sia. I could listen to her sing all day.

Here they are.

'Chandelier' on Sunrise.

And 'Big Girls Cry'.

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