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Thursday 2 April 2015


It's new! It's all about Poh Ling Yeow!

'Poh & Co' is here and it's screening from tonight on SBS ONE.
Says Poh about the six part series:
I'm really thrilled about finding a home at SBS food and to be amongst such stellar company. It's going to be great fun to share my friends and family - my original cooking heroes - and a lot of the creative chaos that is involved in renovating, making art, raising two furry sons and running a market stall from the burbs of Adelaide.”
Says Neil Perry: ‘Poh is a vibrant, enthusiastic and curious cook, she loves adventure and cooking, which I’m sure will make her new show compelling viewing’.
Step into the chaotic, busy and captivating world of Poh Ling Yeow as she journeys to an exciting new stage of her life. Making and sharing delicious meals is about to become even more important in Poh’s fascinating world of business pursuits, artistic dreams and fun adventures with family and friends.
Over the course of the next year Poh is determined to shake up her life. She is busy creating an edible garden as the first step in transforming her suburban house into a home; seeking out inspiration and advice so she can become an even better cook, artist, and book publisher; and continuing to develop her small business as a purveyor of home-baked delicacies. Join Poh and her larger-than-life network of colourful family and friends including hubby Jono; best friend and business partner Sarah; Sarah’s husband Matt, who just happens to be Poh’s ex-husband; cooking duo extraordinaire of her feisty mother Christina and Aunty Kim; sales extraordinaire father Steve; former MasterChef buddy Andre Ursini; four legged friends Rhino and Tim and many others on her personal journey of self-discovery.
Poh generously allows others to observe this frenetic “work in progress” via Poh & Co. Although her incredible openness, and the access-all-areas approach of the series, means that perhaps it is more accurate to use the phrase - “life in progress”.
Poh was a finalist in the inaugural series of MasterChef Australia, has hosted three seasons of Poh’s Kitchen and published two cookbooks. She and her recipes are already in the hearts and kitchens of food lovers everywhere. Now for the first time, she throws open the doors of her home and welcomes in existing fans and newcomers alike, in Poh & Co.
Creating and sharing delicious meals and recipes is front and centre in this engaging series. Poh’s vivacious love of life, her natural passion for food and her boundless knowledge of cooking all come together in this colourful new series which sees Poh attempting to bring a little more order into her charmingly chaotic life. The delicious series offers a unique insight into Poh’s world, a world which sees her weaving through her tangled web of business ventures, artistic dreams and hilarious home-making pursuits with family, friends, neighbours – and two furry four-legged friends - along for the ride.
“I’m officially an adult: I have a husband, a mortgage, two cars and two dogs. Not so long ago I was a professional painter and free as a bird, carving out a simple creative living. Then I went on a reality TV show and my universe got turned on its head. Suddenly from dawn to dusk I was flat out doing  . . . well . . . things," says Poh.
Bless you, Poh! Your smile and energy are infectious.

And: Poh and I at her launch and special media lunch!

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